Why You Might Need Groundworks

Why You Might Need Groundworks

Groundworks is a very broad field that includes many different kinds of work that can be done. Groundwork, in general, is any work that involves moving earth. Such work can mean excavations to build a swimming pool, planing an area so you can build a parking lot, and a whole host of other uses. There are many different types of groundworks you might need. It’s important you hire a professional to help you accomplish such a task. There are many reasons you’ll want a professional. For one, there are many different pipes and wires that are buried in your garden. If you are not careful, you could accidentally disturb a sewer line or electrical cable, a problem that can range from very expensive to very dangerous.

Swimming Pools

If you are looking for an in-ground pool, you’ll need professional excavation and groundwork contractors in Sutton. They will be able to use their tools to very quickly and efficiently dig the appropriate sized space for your swimming pool. These experts will also know specifics that are important for anyone who is looking to build a pool. For example, there is a regulation about how far your swimming pool must be from the house. A professional will know these types of details.


There are other reasons you might need a groundwork specialist, such as paving a parking lot or a driveway. Before you can pave the driveway or parking lot, you need to make sure the ground is as level as possible. The ground needs to be smoothed and compacted by a professional. When the ground is graded and compacted, it will make for a much more stable and effective driveway. It will not shift and crack as easily if the ground has been prepared by a professional.

These are just two reasons someone might need a specialist in groundwork.