The Utah Life

The Utah Life

Utah has more going for it than meets the eye. Utah is a Western state with a relatively low population, which means it gets less attention than the densely populated states on the East Coast. Among its fellow Western states, it tends to be viewed as less young and hip than states such as Colorado and Oregon. It’s past time to seriously consider living in the 45th state.

Population and History

Utah is one of the top 15 states in terms of area, but it’s in the bottom 20 in terms of population. The population of Utah stands at about 3 million, so it makes sense that the state’s biggest city is going to be comparatively small.  Enter Salt Lake City, which has a population of about 200,000. It’s the state capital as well as the cultural and economic engine driving the rest of Utah. Utah has both a higher birth rate and lower death rate than most other states, and it’s also benefiting from a trend of people moving from Eastern and Midwestern states to states in the South and West. Quality healthcare and a relatively low cost of living also make Utah an attractive destination for retirees.

Residents and Visitors

In 1847, Brigham Young led a group of Mormons into Utah, and the influence of Young is still strongly felt today. Utah is by far the most Mormon state in the country, with more than 60 percent of residents identifying as Mormon. The percentage of Mormons is down in Salt Lake County, the most populous county in the state, and up in neighboring Utah County, home to Brigham Young University.

Thousands of college students move in and out of Cedar City every year. New graduates of the university who decide to stay in town can keep their old dorm room decor in one of the many affordable Cedar City storage units. The first months after graduating college are often a chaotic and confusing time, and storage units allow you to keep some older items away from elements and rodents while you figure out your next step in life.

The state has a long religious tradition, but other things define Utah. In February 2002, the Salt Lake City became the center of the athletic world by hosting the Olympic Winter Games. Athletes converged on Utah for more than two weeks of competitions in Alpine and freestyle skiing, figure skating, snowboarding, and much more. Some of the best skiing can be found about 40 minutes outside of town in Park City, home to Utah Olympic Park. Formerly a small mining town, Park City is now regarded as a tourist hotspot. Every winter, Park City hosts the legendary Sundance Film Festival.

Other Cities

While the area known as the Wasatch Front contains the majority of Utah’s population, the southwest part of the state is also worth a look. Washington County is home to St. George, one of the fastest-growing metro areas. While most of us think of the Deep South when we think of Dixie, part of Washington County is known as Utah’s Dixie. St. George is even home to a college called Dixie State University.

To the north is Iron County, which is home to Cedar City and the University of Southern Utah.