The Easier Way To Move House

The Easier Way To Move House

Moving house is one of those things that many people dread, especially if they have done it before, and know what a nightmare it can be, especially if they dragged a couple of friends in, and with a rented truck did it themselves. Something that looked relatively simple and which shouldn’t take too long, has the potential to become a disaster that has everybody’s nerves totally frayed. Moving out of the first house is only half the story of course, as the real problems often really begin at the other end, when dozens of boxes all look the same and finding anything is a drama.

Removalists Make it Look so Easy

As with everything, practice makes perfect and there is a logical method for removing, transporting and unloading the contents of a house, which professional removalists have down to a fine art. They understand that loading is only half the issue. The order in which things are loaded, is going to affect the way it is unloaded, so use a strict methodology in how the van is packed. A professional boxing and labelling system is generally used, so it becomes simple to identify where everything is at the new address.

Choosing the Right Removalists

Not all removalists are the same, and it pays to choose wisely when making your selection. The industry is pretty competitive, and it is worth getting several quotes. Beware any quotation that seems significantly lower than the others. Two chaps with a van, and probably no insurance is not a good way to start. You should always get the quotation in writing, and ensure that any “extras” are included. Similarly, you may well be on a tight schedule for moving out, especially if someone else is waiting to move in. You need to choose a company like Rose Removals, who has back up plans, vehicles and staff, in case of an illness, breakdown or accident on the day, so always look for such an experienced company, who operates a fleet of vehicles of all sizes, and preferably from more than one location.

Attitude and Attention to Detail

You are going to be entrusting all of your possessions to the removalists, and it is important to know, they will take the same level of care with everything, that you would give yourself. The first thing to look for is a warm and friendly voice, from a person who is helpful and attentive to your needs, including any special requirements you may have. Ask them about the training and qualifications their staff have and if they are British Association of Removers members and any other trade associations.

You may wish to inquire how far afield they operate, as any company regularly involved with international moves, will definitely have the necessary experience for anything closer to home. Naturally, you should ensure your removalists are fully insured, and ask to see recent testimonials from people in your area, to reassure you that you are making the right choice. A quick Internet search will find you companies to choose from, in your local area, and when you make the right choice, the only thing left to do, is to enjoy your new home.