Reviewing Conservatory Styles

Reviewing Conservatory Styles

When you add a conservatory to your home, you immediately increase its kerb appeal and value. Conservatories can be used for one of a variety of purposes. Whilst some homeowners add a conservatory for entertaining, others use it for a playroom or work area. Whatever your reason for adding this extension, you will reap a great deal of satisfaction from this home improvement.

Classic Conservatory Designs

You can choose from one of a number of classic conservatory designs, each of which can accommodate specific architectural styles. Therefore, you can find just the right upgrade to match your home’s exterior. Choose from the following designs that are featured by the best conservatory company in Yorkshire:

  • The Edwardian conservatory optimises a living space as it features 90-degree corners. Therefore, this design is ideal for entertaining or for including such furnishings as tables and sofas.
  • The Victorian conservatory is available in two notable styles. The three-facet style features a bay-type front, or three windows that convey an angled appearance. The five-facet style exemplifies a bay-type design that features five primary windows. This type of conservatory creates a more rounded look.
  • The lean-to conservatory can accommodate either low bungalow type eaves or match the roof of a detached or terraced dwelling.
  • The lantern-style conservatory is normally added to a period property or is frequently constructed as a pool enclosure. Therefore, many lantern-styled conservatories are larger in size and are constructed in coordination with a portal frame.

To discuss your home renovation needs along these lines further, contact a builder that specialises in the building of conservatories. You can either obtain a quote online or arrange a home quote.