Questions To Ask And Things To Discuss With An Estate Planning Lawyer

Questions To Ask And Things To Discuss With An Estate Planning Lawyer

As mortality is a central point of concern in estate planning, it is but understandable how people tend to be cautious — sometimes hard-hearted — about the matter. But as this process helps in properly and efficiently carrying property distribution after a person’s death, more and more clients are becoming more interested and involved.

Looking for an estate planning attorney Ashburn VA is a key step, but after you’ve found one, you will be faced with another important phase — preparing the items for discussion. In this feature, we’ve compiled vital questions to ask and things to discuss with an estate planning lawyer.

Is your main specialty estate planning?

You need to have guarantee that your lawyer is an expert in estate planning. A lawyer who is offering a broad range of legal services might not be your ideal type, especially if your situation is a little too complicated than the usual.

A lawyer’s years of experience in this particular field can also be a helpful factor. The longer they’ve been in the field, the more you are assured that he or she can address any concerns that may (abruptly) arise.

Do you charge a fixed price for your estate planning services?

You might want to get the details of this one because there are those lawyers who charge hidden fees. Though nowadays, most of them charge a fixed fee, there’s no harm in clarifying this item.

How long will it take for my estate planning project to be completed?

Though there’s no actually rush in completing this kind of project, you should still bear in mind that in this venture, the key is to avoid the probate process — which is time-consuming and costly. This process refers to the reviewing and determining whether a will is authentic.

If your lawyer goes this way, this means that more or less, he or she is more focused on earning than helping you out. You’d know he or she has no other personal interest if he or she is gearing towards a living trust.

Do you assist with funding my assets into a revocable living trust?

Speaking of which, you should also ask if your lawyer’s services cover assisting you channeling your assets into a living trust. Take note that a trust, even if it is masterfully drafted, will remain useless if your assets have not yet been titled in the name of the trust.

Do you have a formal updating and maintenance program?

A diligent estate planning attorney Ashburn VA is one who offers a formal updating and maintenance program. There are instances that the law may be changed, and therefore, consequent adjustments in your documents are needed.

Once you’re confident you can work closely with your estate planning attorney Ashburn VA, you should make sure you’re ready to talk about important matters with him or her. This includes sharing your ultimate goal why you’ve embarked on an estate planning project, and your concerns about your heirs and beneficiaries among others.

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