Legal Advice on Property Matters

Legal Advice on Property Matters

You have saved up quite a sum of money and you are financially ready in purchasing a property (or even selling it), but do consider the complicated process that follows. Without a qualified personnel to assist you, you will be swamped with the paperwork and confused by the technical jargon that is stated in the contract.

What constitutes property matters?

Property matter is quite a broad term, and it can encompass: first time buyers, existing owners, residential investors, commercial investors, property developers, landlords, lease extensions, mortgages, and even transfer of equity.

When do you approach a property lawyer?

You might be a buyer looking to purchase a property, a seller who is looking to offload your property, an investor who is looking to purchase a commercial or residential property, or even a developer who is looking to do a mass-selling of your completed properties. You might even be a landlord or a tenant who wants to go through a leasing contract before signing it. In some cases, you are looking for a cost-efficient mortgage which will enable you to pay lesser on your monthly repayments. There are law firms who deal with property law in Kent, who will be able to guide you on these matters.

Advantages of hiring a property lawyer

Purchasing or selling a property may be a one-off occurrence to most people, and instead of spending countless hours liaising with the appropriate authorities, learning the correct process and preparing the paperwork, you could have just engage a property lawyer and leave the work to them, while you are focused with your work, family and daily stuff. It will also allow you to expedite the process if you are in an urgent situation, as the property lawyers are mostly experienced and have been doing it for quite a while.

Understanding the pricing model

Every property law firm has a different way of charging their clients. Some will offer you a free quotation, charging you a fixed fee only if the sale or purchase goes through. This allows you to plan for your budget and calculate the total expenses incurred, compared to a model where you are billed for every consultation leading up to the sale or purchase. Always compare the costs between property law firms before committing to one.

Handling disputes

Engaging a property lawyer is not just about handling your property transactions. In the event that things get ugly in a commercial dispute (or even a residential one), the property lawyer will be able to step in and advise the relevant parties on the next course of action to be taken. If not handled properly, this commercial dispute could affect the company’s productivity by court proceedings and negotiations. In this situation, it could have been settled quickly by engaging a property lawyer.

Having a qualified property lawyer to look through all of your legal paperwork and property contracts will ensure that you do not get taken advantage of, especially if you are a layman who is not familiar with the complexity of certain legal terms and legal proceedings. Let them deal with the fine print and finalise everything for you while you sit back and engage in your personal pursuits.