Leaving Las Vegas? Sell Your Home Fast Without An Agent

Leaving Las Vegas? Sell Your Home Fast Without An Agent

If you are looking to sell your Las Vegas home and want the best return possible, you can bypass having to hire a real estate agent and do it yourself. For some property buyers, for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) assets are more appealing because it allows them to negotiate for better rates and get a more “connected” feel with the prospect house. In addition, you are the best resource for the details and history of your property. Buyers will find talking to the actual owner more refreshing than going through a middleman.

By cutting out agents from the equation, you get to take home the 6 percent average commission and add it to your earnings. For instance, if you’re selling your property for $300,000, you can look at savings of around $18,000. Not bad, right? However, selling your home yourself also requires that you set aside time and energy to make the sale happen. If the amount of savings is enticing enough, you should be prepared to work.

Should you sell and market your home yourself? Here are 5 reasons that prove you can.

1. There are plenty of resources online

There is no shortage on the number of search tools for real estate listings in Las Vegas. As Internet access becomes available to a wider population now than ever before, getting access to these tools is easy — and often free. Don’t know how to sell your property? There are resources on the Web that give step-by-step instructions. Some real estate gurus also offer free videos and podcasts with valuable tips and advice on getting started from day zero. Indeed, the real estate landscape has been transformed by the Internet, making people less and less dependent on agents.

2. You can market yourself

The availability of these online platforms that not only list properties for sale but also provide channels to post photos and descriptions, property owners no longer need to meet up with buyers face to face right away. In addition, real estate agents often list their services and offers online anyway, so why can’t you, right?

3. You don’t need an agent to appraise your home

To get a right valuation on your home, you need an appraiser, not a real estate agent. The latter’s role is to give you an informed opinion based on what they see on your premises and most of agents do not really have true professional training in this regard. To sell your home by yourself, you can just get the services of an appraiser to get a rough estimate on your home. You can go higher or lower than that depending on your personal valuation. Besides, even if you have a real estate agent, you will still need to get an appraiser’s professional profiling.

4. You need a lawyer, not an agent

People who will take care of your paperwork are not the real estate agents. All the legal aspects of your home’s sale will be handle by Las Vegas real estate lawyers. If you know somebody who specializes in this sector or have access to a lawyer, you won’t need a real estate agent to do it for you. While agents can offer direction, they are not legally capable of providing this expert advice. You can cut the middleman and go straight to the lawyer yourself.

5. What the realtor can do, you can, too

In essence, the role of a real estate agent is to make things easy for you during the marketing and selling process. Most of the services they offer can be accomplished by the homeowner directly, provided that you have the time and are willing to take on the extra work.

Overall, the idea that only a realtor can buy or sell a home for you is a myth. Considering the vast amount of resources readily available to you, particularly in such a busy place as Las Vegas, you can take care of your property’s sale while saving on realtor fees in the process. Alternatively, you can tap into house flipping companies like Elliot Buys Vegas Houses to help set your home up for sale so you don’t have to do any of the dirty work.