Four Fun Events to Host on Your Deck

Four Fun Events to Host on Your Deck

A deck is a great space to entertain friends and family. Elevated decking gives you a full view of your tree-filled yard, a backyard pond or even a swimming pool. Checkout four examples of fun events to host on your deck.

A Summer Barbecue

A summer celebration is not complete without throwing at least one barbecue. Potato salad, hamburgers, chicken and baked beans are just a few of the delights of this type of get-together. You can put a patio table on your deck surrounded by chairs for your guests. A small sofa, bench and a few spare lawn chairs would be enough if guests want to wander onto the deck from inside your home. The cool breezes on your deck along with the smell of barbecued chicken and corn are sure to please your guests on a summer evening.

A Wedding Reception

If you have friends who want to enjoy an intimate reception after their wedding ceremony, why not suggest your deck? You could decorate the sides of your deck with balloons, streamers and other simple decorations. Also, you could serve refreshments inside and outside on your deck for the wedding guests who want to wander back and forth. An outdoor wedding reception is a fun, memorable event that the newly married couple is sure to appreciate.

A Child’s Birthday Party

Do you have a child with a big birthday coming up? A deck is the perfect place for a kid’s birthday party. Set out a CD player to play all of your child’s favorite tunes and invite the guests to spend time playing games outdoors. The warm sunshine and pleasant atmosphere on your deck will contribute to the happy occasion.

A Graduation Party

A high school or college graduation party happening in May or June would be all the more fun on your deck. A table for gifts along with one for refreshments would be easy to setup on a deck. If your backyard has lots of mature trees all around they would make a great background for photos of the new graduate, friends and family.

Of course, you don’t have to have a party to enjoy your deck. It’s also the perfect place for relaxing alone with a book or a soothing CD of your favorite music.