Child-Friendly Home Improvements That Help Market Your Home To Families

Child-Friendly Home Improvements That Help Market Your Home To Families

Even in a seller’s market, the more you can do to set your home above the completion, the fast it will sell. Most single-family homes are marketed with families in mind, so a Jacuzzi or features that require a lot of maintenance may not be great selling points. Your home improvement contractor can give you an idea about renovations that cater to families, but here are a few places to start.

Outdoor Spaces

Yards should look well-kept and free from obvious hazards. If your fencing is old or in disrepair, replacing it would be a good investment. If you have a swimming pool or decking, high-light the safety and convenience of the feature. Stage the area to highlight areas that are attractive for playing or that emphasize family gatherings,. but are also appealing to adults.


You may or may not have – or need – an ultra-modern chef’s kitchen to make it attractive to families. However, highlight features that offer convenience and ease of maintenance, energy-efficiency and durability. Granite counter tops, workstations that double as breakfast bars, cabinet fronts and appliances that resist fingerprints are great items to feature when showing to families.


If your bath is old or the configuration is inconvenient, it may be worth a complete renovation. Fixtures and facilities should be upgraded to conserve water and energy, and storage space should be adequate and conveniently placed. Having a separate master bath and family bathroom is also a good selling point to people with older children or large families, but it isn’t a good ROI to add a second bath.

Common Areas

Busy parents are always looking for low-maintenance features. Wood or tile floors are easier to keep clean and reduce the amount of dust in the air. If you do have carpeting, or plan on installing new carpet, darker colors are more appealing to families. Open floor plans improve flow and energy-efficiency, and it’s easier to keep an eye on little ones. Again, everything should be in good repair. Laundry facilities, or at least washer/dryer hookups, are also a need rather than a want in households with kids.

Bonus Spaces

Bonus spaces are desirable even for those without children at home. An attic that can be converted to a play room or a finished basement are great features. However, before you completely renovate those areas, make sure that there is adequate storage space in other areas of the home; lack of storage is a big turn-off to buyers.

Home Staging

Staging a home to appeal to families is different than traditional home staging. Usually, sellers are advised to stash the toys and down-play anything that smacks of ‘cuteness.’ Marketing to families means playing-up children’s spaces while still keeping things neat and uncluttered.

Bedrooms that are targeted as ‘kid’s rooms’ should feel warm and child-friendly, with closets that are easy to keep organized. If the second bedroom was your guest room, remove the full-size bed and replace it with a twin. An experienced Realtor can help you market your home and offer suggestions for staging it to appeal to your target market.

Families want a home that fits their current needs but will grow with their family. They’re also looking for ways to save, whether it’s time or money on repairs and upgrades. Smart marketing will help sell your home for a better price, faster, in any market