A Step-by-Step Guide for Planning a Big Move

A Step-by-Step Guide for Planning a Big Move

We all know that of the most effective ways to gain a fresh start in life is relocating. Perhaps you’re even more adventurous and would consider moving abroad. Of course, traveling abroad for a long time or even completely relocating to a different country brings about a lot of challenges. Learning a new language or navigating a new culture can be difficult, but so can the logistics of transporting your entire life. If you’re planning a big move, follow these steps to make sure your transition succeeds.

Get your finances in order.

First, make sure your finances are in order. If you’re moving and you’re unemployed, you’ll need to figure out how long you can live on your savings. The earlier you start saving, the better — especially if you’re considering moving abroad for retirement. Though the cost of living may be lower in a different city, you still have to manage your finances to stretch your savings as far as possible.

Another thing to consider is banking in a foreign country. Most countries abroad don’t use the American dollar, and US banks are separate from most of the world. Do your research and be ready to potentially exchange your money. Also be aware that while moving abroad might remove you from some negatives, you can’t easily escape Uncle Sam. While traveling or living abroad, you’re still required to pay US taxes.

Make sure your possessions are taken care of correctly.

Now, you may be getting away for a fresh start, but you also probably won’t leave everything behind. Moving your possessions can be difficult when moving across town — let alone across the globe. To help with this, many groups and moving companies can help you get your valuables abroad. Special family heirlooms or larger furniture pieces may need to be shipped and can take several days or weeks. If you need to transport a vehicle abroad, check out enclosed auto transport. The service might seem pricey at first glance, but if you own a sports car or have a vehicle with a hefty price tag, it may be a necessary expense. Very few car dealership owners will offer auto shipping– that is why it is imperative that you look for trusted third-party transport companies when shipping your prized vehicle.

Just because you’re  traveling to another place, you don’t have to leave your favorite things behind. However, you may want to consider paring down your possessions. If you plan to travel or live in a smaller space, you won’t be able to bring every trinket you own. Experts say that getting rid of your possessions allows you to be liberated and experience your new surroundings without bringing your old junk with you.

Be prepared for the inevitable wave of culture shock.  

After living in the same place your whole life, moving anywhere could be a bit of a culture shock. Other countries have different holidays, languages, and traditions that will be crucial for you to learn about. For example, even though tipping is important and expected in America, in most European countries you only tip if your service is truly exceptional. In some countries, using the toilet in a public space has a cost. And in other places, such as France, you greet your acquaintances with a kiss, not a simple handshake. The key is to maintain politeness and dignity in your country of choice. To really make a new place your home, you have to adapt to their culture and way of life.

Enjoy your new home

A big move is a big step, but after all the planning and hard work of moving, remember to enjoy your new home. Don’t get bogged down or overwhelmed by being in a new place, rather, take the time to appreciate the many opportunities headed your way. Be proud of yourself for taking this new step forward towards a bright future. The hard work is over. Now go enjoy the spoils.