5 Ways To Sell Your Home Fast In San Antonio

5 Ways To Sell Your Home Fast In San Antonio

Whether you’re selling an old home or want to profit off a newly-renovated one in San Antonio, Texas, there mere thought of placing your property on the market can be intimidating. This is all the more so if it’s your first time. For one, because of the number of inquiries and site visit requests you will get on a weekly basis, you need your house to look presentable all the time. If still live in the property, have pets, or have kids, this stress is magnified.

Interested parties will swarm in on the first few weeks of your sale announcement, so expect lots of calls and walk-ins. And because the San Antonio real estate market is busy, adding to the pressure is the need to make a sale before your listing turns stale. What does it take to sell a home in San Antonio and do it fast? Here are 5 tips.

  1. Hire a pro to stage your home and make it look presentable.

Image and first impressions are everything, especially if you want to sell your Texas home fast. If you’re unsure about what appeals to the home buyer, you can get a friend who’s into interior decorating or hire a pro who knows how to highlight your property’s strengths. Buyers will have a look at your listing photos first before they decide to call you, so make sure that your photos are appealing. Get rid of the clutter and take note of your lighting.

  1. Get a storage unit outside.

Decluttering your home doesn’t mean shoving all the unsightlies into the closet. That’s a bad idea because anybody who will be checking your house out will surely be looking into the closed doors, as well. Instead, you might want to consider a storage unit to house the stuff you don’t need while your house is being marketed. The general rule to decluttering, according to real estate experts, is to ask yourself: “Do I use it every day?” If not, then put it in storage. Conservatively, these will free up at least one-third of your belongings.

  1. No agent? No worries! Promote it yourself.

You can’t always rely on an agent to market your home, or you probably don’t have the budget to hire someone. No problem! You can always rely on friends and family to help you put the property up for sale on their respective networks. Spread the word around your neighborhood and post announcements on the community board. You also have social media and the Internet to get the word out to more people, so getting mileage shouldn’t be a problem. Just be sure to monitor your phone or email regularly in case inquiries come in and be ready to answer those yourself.

  1. Make minor upgrades.

Small upgrades (and by small, we really mean those that won’t make a huge dent on your savings) will make your home look more appealing. Enhancements on the kitchen or the bedroom make the most impact and will often make or break a deal. Perhaps put in a nicer sink or add pretty cabinetry in the kitchen, or fix your mood lighting in the bedroom and update the curtains. Simple things can definitely transform your space and make it more sellable.

  1. Boost your curb appeal.

How your property looks from the outside is a major deciding factor for buyers. If it doesn’t appeal to them, they likely won’t bother to step in, or if they do, your cluttered yard and chipped paint will be lingering in their heads as they look around. Pressure-wash your walkways and driveway and add a fresh coat of paint on shutters and trims. Add flowers to your yard and mow the lawn. You are trying to sell your home fast so it has to be inviting and looking vibrant.

Timing is crucial. Summer and springtime are great times to sell a home. You also need to tack in a good price for your home. Research on the going rate for your area and decide if you can go higher or lower depending on what your property offers. If you’re still unsure, companies like Danny Buys Houses can help you assess (or even upgrade) your home so you can get the best price.